Fauquier Public Library  print graphics

PROJECT TYPE speculative
print design, graphic design,
brand identity

Fall 2020
I was asked to design a print rack card for the Fauquier Public Library as a speculative project for a marketing agency. The library was seeking a broader appeal in their community and wanted new marketing materials that would showcase their varied services. This general “about the library” rack card was intended to highlight their range of services and target families, young professionals, and those preparing for retirement in the area. The split-complementary color scheme was chosen so that the card would pop and draw attention on a desk or hanging on a wall. Bright colors were used to suggest that the library has fun and engaging activities to offer. Bold, simple graphics were created to add variety in the grid structure and emphasize certain services. The back of the card features a landscape design in order to surprise and interest the viewer who turns the card over — thus lengthening their attention span to continue reading the back of the card.

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